“EzzyyBuddyy” is a software platform which enables you, to have your classes, your own mobile app and web interface. You can offer this App to your own students to study more at their own place, pace and time. You can also offer your courses to students’ outside your geographical reach as external students who can study through your videos, course material, assignments etc. and then be able, to pose questions that may arise.

Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche to it.

Making Technology a lot less complicated and useable by a layman. Our services are at your doorstep.

Promoting data security, flexibility, mobility, and cost effective data solution.

We come up with modernization. Getting new features & facilities will be absolutely free.

Our goal is to present a very simple and intuitive interface to the user.

We put together or arrange the parts of in a specific way or for a specific purpose.


Are you facing the same?

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And get your own personalized Android Mobile App and a mini website. Stop bothering about last moment preparations. No more worries of loosing or finding the long stored study materials and assignments from your cabinets.


How it Benefits?

Our Associates

Our Team Our people are the most valuable asset.
As we’ve tested this team approach, associates have gravitated to the connection and camaraderie that come with being part of a small team that supports each other and works together toward shared goals.


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Let's be a part of EZZYYBUDDYY family

EZZYYBUDDYY will be a part of your routine, and assist you on every phase. Mentors can now give their valuable time to those kids who really need a bit of more attention.

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