Your App, your brand

More than 80% of the population worldwide own a smartphone, and global mobile traffic is increasing steadily every year. The massive adoption of mobile devices as an affordable and flexible way to accessing the internet worldwide has transformed many of our day-to-day activities, including learning.

In this increasingly mobile world, having a mobile app has become a must. Having your app installed in the devices of your learners and staff is an easy and quick way for them to connect with your institution and engage with your content with a simple tap on their screens.

If the mobile App has your institution’s name and branding, this direct way of being connected to your learners and employees also becomes a great opportunity to increase brand awareness amongst them.

Having a self Branded App also has other benefits and we would look over some of them –

  • Easy to identify – Avoid student frustration by making your App easy to identify and find under your institution’s name in the app stores
  • Increase student engagement – custom mobile apps achieve more downloads on average than generic third party branded applications. An app with your branding and name is an environment your learners know and trust.
  • Consistency and continuity – Give your students a multi-device learning approach with consistency and continuity, giving your app the same branding and name as your Online Campus.
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