Stepping towards digitization

During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, eLearning or distance learning has gained priority in the education sector; media, like Zoom, a video communication system, has gained huge popularity during these quarantine days. Here, we can also incorporate Facebook Messenger and YouTube channels. Despite using these as alternative emergency teaching means, none of them cover actual teaching or education purposes—rather these are suitable for business or official functions.

In teaching and with learning, evaluations/tests play a major role. Can any of the above-mentioned mediums achieve this goal? Specifically, can we make questions, like multiple-choice questions (MCQ)? Are they feasible for conducting listening and speaking exams? Can we even carry out a written exam or give feedback to students about their submitted assignments using the websites? Mostly, we cannot.

Do we really have any dedicated software that only serves teaching, learning, and educational goals? Why do we always focus more on the management, control, administration, supervision and not on the betterment of our children?

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